About Killjoy Non-Alcoholic Shop

First thing to know: I come from Boozeland. 

When I turned 21, I already had three years of partying under my belt. Then I turned pro. Over the course of my adulthood, as I graduated from bartender to sommelier to wine writer, my drinks of choice changed but a couple things stayed the same: Alcohol was the essence of a good time. A brutal morning meant a night well spent. 

More than how it made me feel, I loved the infinite possibilities alcohol promised—What will I say, who will I meet, where will I wake up?—and for decades, it delivered. But then, slowly, it stopped. My nights became unforgivably predictable. Have a few drinks. Get a little loud. Hear the same stories. Hit the same bars. Hear the same stories. Wake with the same headache. 

I quit, and when I did, I quit drinking anything interesting. I figured I’d sentenced myself to a lifetime of water and black coffee—until I took a sip of Athletic Brewing Co.’s Run Wild IPA and realized that the non-alcoholic options I’d once mocked were no longer dismal. There were inspired brewers out there, and they were making delicious beers. That inspired me. I wanted to taste everything I could. 

Maybe you come from Boozeland. Maybe you’re still there. It doesn’t matter. Killjoy is what I have built on the other side, and I want to share it with everyone I can.

- Pete Holland, Founder