Quick Guide to Non-Alcoholic Beer

1. Start with Style

Even if you don't know exactly why different beers taste the way they do, you probably know what style you like. Maybe you're a sucker for stouts. A porter hoarder. A gose-buster (sorry). Go to the Shop All page and scan for the styles you like, or use the filters on the left to narrow them down.

2. About Calories 

If you’re watching calories, you’re in the right place.  

Alcohol has a ton of calories, so N/A has booze-beer smoked in that column: Regular light beers—which, let’s be honest, are complete garbage—have about 100 calories, roughly the same as the fullest-bodied, most flavorful non-alcoholic beers out there.  

We've learned that, with N/A beers, the calorie count usually tells a pretty accurate story about a beer’s body and flavor: A 25-calorie brew might carry a shocking amount of flavor on its lean frame, but it probably won’t stack up to a beer with double or triple the caloric payload. So keep your calorie and flavor priorities in mind when choosing. We think of anything at or below 60 calories to be on the low-cal side.  

3. About Cost 

Some might wonder: Why isn’t non-alcoholic beer extremely cheap?  

The answer is because producing alcohol itself is not expensive. Consider that you can make alcohol in a prison toilet out of rotting fruit. Or that a $28,000 bottle of 2018 Domaine de la Romanée Conti contains the same amount of alcohol as a $6 red wine.  

The products we offer are just as painstakingly made as their intoxicating counterparts. In fact, removing or avoiding the alcohol often takes more work, which is why non-alcoholic beer costs roughly the same as booze-beer. But drinking N/A is much more affordable, once you factor in the cost of Ubers, Lyfts, and DUIs, drunken online shopping, Fourthmeal at Taco Bell, lost wages due to hangovers, and so on.